2-Pin Male-Female Socket with Flexible Wire

Material: Polycarbonate
Colour: White

Packs available in 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m and 10m.
1 Pack contains – 1 piece
Minimum buy – Pack of 1 (1 Piece)
Maximum buy – Pack of 10 (10 Pieces)
Maximum Quantity buy – 10 units (Per Pack)

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Duravolt 2-Pin Flexible Male-Female Socket, 2 core Round Wire, Extension Cord for Multipurpose Use, Festive Decorations, Diwali, Christmas, etc.


The brand Duravolt has its presence in key electrical categories, offering a “one stop shop” for trade and retail accessories. We follow a simple Philosophy to “Provide Customers with Smart, Safe and Durable Electrical products and to become a pioneer when it comes to progress with quality, innovative design and ideas.”
With a head office in Zirakpur and Branch offices in Punjab, Duravolt has an impressive portfolio of over 100 product lines and are continually evolving product ranges, aligned to market trends.
So, whether you’re looking for the best in Bulb Holders, top of the range extension leads, stylish socket covers or dimmer switches, Duravolt is the brand that you can trust to deliver on quality production and performance.
Duravolt products are conceived, designed and manufactured in house to meet high standard of quality safety, performance and perfection. Our motto is “SMART.SAFE. DURABLE“.


Why Duravolt Multi Pendant Bulb Holder with Flexible Wire & 2-Pin Plug?

Duravolt Modular Switches & Accessories are known for its reliability, affordability and integrity and cater to all those who are looking for the best of electrical products at an affordable cost. Our 2-Pin Flexible Male-Female Socket are Smart, Safe & Durable.

  • Aesthetic Look: Heavy Quality Male-Female Socket with Wire from Duravolt with Elegant design, Glossy White Finish & aesthetic look, solves the purpose. Durable & High-Quality pack.
  • Current Rating: – 2 Amperes Voltage Rating: – 220-240 Volts, not compatible for any rating beyond 2A.
  • Flexible Round Wire Extension that can be used in outdoor and indoor both environment, Suitable for Long Connectivity. Male-Female pins gives perfect grip.
  • Material: High Grade Polycarbonate with Heavy Brass Parts
  • Excellent Quality Brass Parts Are Used In Male-Female Plugs
  • Wire Material: 2 Core Round Wire with area of 1Sq. mm suitable for long connectivity, Strong, Durable & Reliable.
  • Cord Grip Round Enclosure Provided to insert the Flexible Cable
  • Colour- Red & White Combination, Mixed Colours.
  • Quality: 100% Safe with durable and long-lasting quality & attractive smooth finish surface
  • Multipurpose Use: Usage of this pack is endless be it residential or commercial areas such as restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, automotive repair shops, schools, industry, mechanical garages, colleges, electronic shops, malls, buildings, storehouse, mechanical shops etc. Used on wall, fall-ceilings for the installations of lights and bulbs. Environment Friendly, Made in India
  • Discover complete solutions for all your Modular Switches and Electrical Accessories needs with Duravolt products. From switch frame plates, switches, extension boards, Multiplugs, Plug Tops and many more products.
  • Our Products are Durable & Elegant… The subtle colour tone with durability that blends with every modern home or workplace. Our World class Products will mesmerise those who love to flaunt their style…


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  • Current Rating :- 2 Amperes
  • 2-Pin Flexible Male-Female Socket
  • High Grade Polycarbonate material
  • Heavy Electronic Circuit
  • Quality: 100% Safe with durable and long-lasting quality & attractive smooth finish surface
  • Colour- White
  • Easy Installation